Public Reason: Vol. 12, No. 2, 2020
Patriotism, Liberalism, Cosmopolitanism and Globalization
Costel Matei

Abstract. Globalization is a challenge for the way individuals relate to their own identity in the political context of the nation-state. At the same time, the pursuit of moral ideals such as equality and social justice is still conditioned by the existence of the nation-state. Is patriotism still valid if we want to build a personal identity appropriate to a global society or is it necessary to give it up in favor of something more comprehensive that meets the moral challenges of a global society? This article attempts to provide a framework for answering this question, starting from the premises that can be found in versions of liberal nationalism and cosmopolitanism.

Key words: nationalism, cosmopolitanism, globalization, patriotism, personal identity.


Matei, Costel. 2020. Patriotism, Liberalism, Cosmopolitanism and Globalization. Public Reason 12 (2): 37-47.