Public Reason: Vol. 5, No. 2, December 2013
Heavy Fog and Smog in Beijing A Watershed towards a Green Future
Li Jianjun

The heavy fog and smog in Beijing lets citizens and policy makers reflect on the moral and political ramifications of the rapid economic growth, and determine a strong policy towards a green future. This paper first investigates the serious impact of the fog and smog, and the response of citizens and municipality, then discusses the possible causes of this disastrous fog and smog, and reflects on why and how developing countries like China should accommodate a green future. In discussing the case of heavy fog and smog in Beijing, I aim to show that disastrous environmental incidents related to the rapid economic growth are beneficial to the sustainable development of developing countries like China, and the urge to survive and to live a good life will drive people to take the common requirements and interests of the social community, including future generations, into moral consideration, and guarantee the possibility of a green future, regardless of the possible huge costs.

Key words: developing countries, the right to breathe clean air, sustainable development, smog, green future.


Jianjun, Li. Heavy Fog and Smog in Beijing A Watershed towards a Green Future. Public Reason 5 (2): 33-40.