Public Reason, vol. 13 (1)

We are pleased to announce that the special volume Issues in Political Epistemology [Public Reason, vol. 12 (2)]  is now available online at


  • Macarena Marey & Zachary Vereb, Navigating Political Philosophy in the Twenty-first Century: Global Challenges and Theoretical Insights
  • Mehmet Ruhi Demiray, The Incongruity Between Kant’s Republicanism and His Conception of Sovereignty
  • Huw Williams, Beyond Democracy Promotion: Kant, Rawls, and a Liberal Alternative
  • Macarena Marey, On Onora O’Neill’s Critique of Rawls, and on Rawls’ non-Kantianism, with a little help from Charles W. Mills
  • Zachary Vereb, Kant, Revolution, and Climate: Individual and Political Responsibility







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