Public Reason, vol. 10 (2) and vol. 11 (1)] available online [open access peer-reviewed journal]

We are pleased to announce that the special volume Issues in Political Epistemology [Public Reason, vol. 10 (2) and vol. 11 (1)]  is now available online at


Special volume: Issues in Political Epistemology

Coordinators: A. E. Kings - Keele University and  M. R. Demiray  -   Freie Universität Berlin

  • Amy Kings & Ruhi Demiray - Introduction: Issues in Political Epistemology
  • Matheson Russell - The contestation of credibility and the deliberative model of democracy
  • Rasmus Uhrenfeldt - Deliberative Democracy and the Secret Ballot: Can we keep both? Three Areas of Tension
  • Irfan Muhammad - Pakistan Lawyers’ Movement and Democratization: A Deliberative Perspective
  • Nikolai Klix - On the Conceptual Insufficiency of Toleration and the Quest for a Superseding Concept 
  • Tereza Krepelová - A Methodological Turn in Political Philosophy: Making Political Philosophy More Scientific?
  • Ewa Wyrebska-Ðermanovic - The Moral Source of Kant’s Concept of Right
  • Amy Kings - The danger of beauty alone: The limitations of beauty in environmental decision-making
  • Zachary Vereb - Moral Views of Nature: Normative Implications of Kant’s Critique of Judgment



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