Public Reason: Vol. 7, No. 1-2, 2015
Racism at Home and Abroad: Thoughts from a Christian Ethicist
Michael S. Jones

In this article Christian ethicist Michael S. Jones introduces the work of Princeton University ethicist Thomas Pogge on the areas of global poverty and global justice. He then applies Pogge’s ideas to an ethical issue of continuing importance: racism. He discusses the history of racism in the United States and Romania, pointing out numerous parallels both historical and contemporary. He discusses the appropriate attitude for Christians to adopt on the issue, arguing that while Christian sources are not univocal on the subject, there is an egalitarianism at the heart of Christianity that rules out racism as a Christian attitude. He concludes that Christians can contribute significantly to overcoming racism in the U.S. and Romania by addressing the underlying attitudinal problem from the podium and the pulpit, with the pen, and through their daily interactions with each other. 

Key words: Thomas Pogge, Christian ethics, global justice, racism, egalitarianism. 


Jones, Michael S. 2015. Racism at Home and Abroad: Thoughts from a Christian Ethicist. Public Reason 7 (1-2): 3-12.