Public Reason: Vol. 7, No. 1-2, 2015
Why Do We Need Global Institutional Reform? Some Critical Observations on Global Moral Responsibility
Dorina Pătrunsu

What is the justification or the ground of responsibility involved by global justice through global institutional reform? In other words, even if global justice seems to be defined as a specific aim given by what we normally think to be right or just solutions to the global human problems, this does not preclude the necessity of taking into account the difficulties and questions the operational level of global justice raises, institutionally and organizationally speaking. The cultural constraints, the diversity and the nature of problems and so on and so forth, concerning the legitimacy and, also, the social impact of the adopted solutions, are another type of difficulties. My interest here is to analyse the reasons or grounds of the global modalities (institutional and organizational means) for solving problems of global justice. The reasons for this enterprise are twofold and, in my opinion, inevitably interconnected: on the one side, the fact that globalization of justice is by itself a difficult concept, and on the other side, that the understanding of global justice rather in an Occidental or democrat liberal way brings specific difficulties both of conceptual and operational nature, requiring further confrontations with other desiderata or other comprehensive doctrines and starting from this, consistent critical analyses.

Key words: global responsibility, reciprocity, solidarity, moral vs. institutional perspective, institutional responsibility etc.


Pătrunsu, Dorina. 2015. Why Do We Need Global Institutional Reform? Some Critical Observations on Global Moral Responsibility. Public Reason 7 (1-2): 29-42.