Public Reason: Vol. 13, No. 1, 2021
Kant, Revolution, and Climate: Individual and Political Responsibility
Zachary Vereb

Abstract. There has been a revived interest in the relevance of Kant’s philosophy for contemporary global issues. This paper investigates the extent to which Kant’s philosophy can provide grounds for addressing the global issue of climate change, despite his seemingly conservative defense of reform over revolution. First, I argue that Kant’s account of societal progress as metamorphosis is compatible with the conception of a green revolution understood as restructuring society toward sustainability. Second, I claim that Kant’s evolutionary model of political change offers a helpful framework for thinking about how to transition present societies to more sustainable ones. I conclude with reflections on how Kant’s views have applied relevance for climate-related problems.


Vereb, Zachary. 2021. Kant, Revolution, and Climate: Individual and Political Responsibility. Public Reason 13 (1): 67-82.