Vol. 9, No. 1-2, 2017
1. Ruhi Demiray & Aaran Burns
Introduction: Methods in Normative Political Theory/Philosophy
2. Clayton Chin
Challenging Political Theory: Pluralism and Method in the Work of Bernard Williams
3. Avigail Ferdman
From Inevitable Establishment to Mutual Exclusion: The Challenge for Liberal Neutrality
4. Christopher Murphy
‘What might Scheler say to Rawls?’: A Schelerian critique of Rawls’s Concept of ‘the Person’
5. Luca Costa
Context Dependence in Gaus’s Evolutionary Account of Public Reason
6. Boaz Ahad Ha’am
Deafness as Disability: Countering Aspects of the Medical View
7. M. E. Newhouse
In Defense of Liberal Equality
Book Reviews
1. Bernard Harcourt
Exposed. Desire and Disobedience in the Digital Age
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