Vol. 1, No. 1, February 2009
1. Hillel Steiner
Left Libertarianism and the Ownership of Natural Resources
2. Reidar Maliks
Acting Through Others: Kant and the Exercise View of Representation
3. Timothy Waligore
Cosmopolitan Right, Indigenous Peoples, and the Risks of Cultural Interaction
4. Annabelle Lever
Is Compulsory Voting Justified?
5. Margaret Meek Lange
Exploring the Theme of Reflective Stability: John Rawls’ Hegelian Reading of David Hume
6. Endre Begby & J. Peter Burgess
Human Security and Liberal Peace
7. András Miklós
Nationalist Criticisms of Cosmopolitan Justice
8. Sirine Shebaya
Global and Local Sovereignties