Vol. 2, No. 1, June 2010
1. Karl Widerquist
Lockean Theories of Property: Justifications for Unilateral Appropriation
2. Henrik Friberg-Fernros
Abortion and the Limits of Political Liberalism
3. Alexander Brown
On the Public Reason of the Society of Peoples
4. Rafael Ziegler
Crooked Wood, Straight Timber – Kant, Development and Nature
5. Alejandro Agafonow
Human Security and Liberal Peace – Some Rawlsian Considerations
6. Michael Cholbi
Compulsory Victim Restitution Is Punishment: A Reply to Boonin
Book Reviews
1. Reidar Maliks
Jonathan Israel, A Revolution of the Mind
2. Cristian Iftode
Alex Voorhoeve, Conversations on Ethics
3. Kevin William Gray
G. A. Cohen, Rescuing Justice and Equality