Vol. 2, No. 2, December 2010
1. Kalle Grill
Anti-paternalism and Invalidation of Reasons
2. Enzo Rossi
Modus Vivendi, Consensus, and (Realist) Liberal Legitimacy
3. Ina Kerner
“Scales of Justice” and the Challenges of Global Governmentality
4. Endre Begby
Rawlsian Compromises in Peacebuilding? Response to Agafonow
5. Matthias Katzer
The Basis of Universal Liberal Principles in Nussbaum’s Political Philosophy
6. Michael Harbour
Religious Toleration and Public Funding for Abortions: a Problem with Christopher Eberle’s Standard of “Conscientious Engagement”
7. Asger Sørensen
Dussel’s Critique of Discourse Ethics as Critique of Ideology
Book Reviews
1. Stefan Bird-Pollan
Amartya Sen, The Idea of Justice
2. Cédric Rio
Axel Gosseries and Lukas Meyer (edited by), Intergenerational Justice