Issue 13(2): Second special issue on Political Epistemology, including: John Roemer,*Epistemological Issues in the  Theory of Equality of Opportunity;* Kristoffer Ahlstrom, *Political Knowledge: Measurement, Elitism, and Dogmatism*; Robert Weston Siscoe, *Epistemic Democracy and the Truth Connection*; Manuel Knoll, *The Significance of Deep Disagreements on Justice, Values, and Morals for Political Epistemology*; Lingyu Jing, *Speaking Truth to Power? A Foucauldian Theory of Whistleblowing in a Nihilistic World*.

IIssue 14(1): including a special issue on Restorative Justice, Fairness and Desert: Sorin Baiasu, *Normative Underpinnings of Restorative Practices*; Lily Hamourtziadou, *War crimes and justice in asymmetric warfare: The case of Iraq*; Simon Harvey *A Healthy Approach to Violence? Restorative Justice and Public Health*; James Doble, *Towards a Restorative Approach: Stoke-on-Trent City Council*.

Issue 14(2): Special issue on the work of Adrian W. Moore: articles by Sarah Patterson, *Descartes on Modality and the Eternal Truths*; Sorin Baiasu, *The Possibility of Kantian Armchair Knowledge*; Jenny Bunker, *Infinity and Beyond? Learning How to Be Finite*; Michael Morris, *Nonsense and the General Form of the Sentence*; comments by Jonathan Head, *Divine Simplicity and Freedom in Descartes*; Zachary Vereb, *Kantian Reflections on Conceptual Limits*; Pablo Montosa Molinero, *Learning How to Be Infinite*; Oliver Spinney, *Truth-Functional Logic and the Form of a Tractarian Proposition*; with *Replies* by A. W. Moore.

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