Vol. 7, No. 1-2, 2015
1. Michael S. Jones
Racism at Home and Abroad: Thoughts from a Christian Ethicist
2. Radu Uszkai
Global Justice and Research Ethics: Linguistic Justice and Intellectual Property
3. Dorina Pătrunsu
Why Do We Need Global Institutional Reform? Some Critical Observations on Global Moral Responsibility
4. Costel Matei
The Premises and the Context of Global Resources Dividend Argument on Thomas Pogge's Theory
5. Ileana Dascălu
Liberal Education and Self-Fulfilment
6. Tulsa Jansson
Sen’s Perfectionist ‘Reason To Value’
7. Cristina Voinea
A Realist Critique of Moralism in Politics. The Autonomy of Bernard Williams’s Basic Legitimation Demand